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On The Road With Tech Queen Aya Jaff And Her Birkenstock Store Bend Trainers

You might be asking yourself: "Wait – Birkenstock do trainers?" And the answer is yes – you can now add the classic footbed to your winter wardrobe as a sneaker option called the Birkenstock Bend.

As part of an exclusive British Vogue shoot, we spent the day in the life of tech programmer and entrepreneur Aya Jaff as she styled her own pair of Birkenstock Bend trainers with her day-to-day wardrobe. Professionally and privately, Aya says she’s “always on the move” – whether it’s catching a train to deliver a speech, running to make a meeting, or walking around a park with her dog, Maya – so wearing the perfect pair of shoes is critical. 

The Birkenstock Bend trainers fit into all wardrobes, from work-day business to after-work casual. Whether paired with an elegant two-piece suit, a casual knit dress or chic wide-leg trousers, its sporty silhouette and upper made of high-quality suede make this unisex sneaker a statement piece. The best part, however, is hidden inside: the original Birkenstock footbed is "Made in Germany", so you just know they’re going to be comfortable. Soft, microfibre material and an additional midsole with cork ensure your feet are safe, snug and secure – whether you wear these trainers with or without socks.

So, what excites Aya about the Birkenstock Bend? “Birkenstock is a cultural phenomenon,” she says. “It’s the German shoe, comfortable and stylish in a subtle way.” For her, every winter wardrobe needs a pair of these trainers. “From now on,” she adds, “you don’t have to go without the comfort of the classic sandal in cold temperatures. This sneaker is the perfect go-to piece.”

Put simply: the Birkenstock Bend is a trainer that fits all walks of life and all styles – and has the proven comfort of a Birkenstock sandal. Discover more at