Official 2023 Birkenstock shoes store online locator


Okay, bear with me: Mule-tiny. Mutiny + mule. A reach? Perhaps. But it's as funny a way to describe Jil Sander's new clog shoes as I can muster, given that they'll never quite fill the whole in my heart left by Jil Sander's exquisite Birkenstock collaboration from 2021.

After all, why would Jil Sander forsake Birkenstock for its own in-house clogs, revealed in the luxury label's new Pre-Fall 2023 campaign?

Well, actually, there's a particularly good reason.

In case you forgot, Jil Sander didn't actually collaborate with Birkenstock: it was Jil Sander+, the streamlined core collection that exists alongside mainline Jil Sander.

Jil Sander+ is apparently the preferred collaborative outlet of Luke and Lucie Meier, Jil Sander's creative directors, having overseen the brand's Arc'teryx collaboration, its second big team-up of 2021.

Both collaborations yielded unique gear far more indulgent than most of the fare informing each heritage partner's inline collection, bringing them deep into Jil Sander's world for a special one-off.

So, clearly, Jil Sander itself doesn't really do collaborations. Even a second Birkenstock partnership would be part of Jil Sander+ (make that happen, BTW).

On top of that, who knows how much creative liberties Jil Sander would opt to take with Birkenstock's inimitable designs and then there's the issue of production, revenue, retailers, all that jazz.

Now, don't get me wrong: I'm as a big a Birkenstock fan as they come. I've written about seasonal shoes, niche models, and even gone in-depth on collabs, 'cuz I care!

But Jil Sander's fancy leather clogs are an acceptable mule-tiny (sorry). Birkenstock or not, I'll never complain about bringing more easy, backless footwear into the world.

That being said, even if these come in men's sizes, it'll be hard to justify slipping into Jil Sander's shoes over the ol' Birkenstock standby.