Official 2023 Birkenstock shoes store online locator


Birkenstock, the LVMH-owned German company famous for quietly toiling away at its borderline orthopedic sandals, has become a sensation thanks in no small part to its Boston clogs. The humble mule has become a hyped grail that retailers can't keep in stock worn by celebrities and remixed by today's top tastemakers.

Certainly, the Birkenstock Boston isn't the only iconic silhouette produced by the footwear company (and, yes, Birkenstock sandals have reached "iconic" status). Its Arizona slides have been imitated and aped by more competitors than you can shake a stick at, for instance, and Birkenstock's excellent contemporary designs are no slouch.

So, when the big B takes pains to highlight one of its in-line styles, I pay attention. There's more to Birkenstock than the Boston, of course, and I'm all too keen to keep that thought top of everyone's mind.

Meet the Birkenstock Buckley, a charmingly clunky clog that's got — dare I say — even more personality than the Boston itself, with a snub-nosed moccasin upper, forefoot buckle, and that inimitable Birkenstock cork sole unit.

The Buckley isn't a new style and plentiful styles can be had now on the Birkenstock site for $150. Should you seek a warmer option, Birkenstock offers iterations of the mule lined with shearling, a perfect winter partner.

There's a lot to like about Birkenstock's Buckley. It's not as buzzy as the Boston (read: easier to buy) and is appealingly clunky just like its popular sibling.

Birkenstock isn't paying me for the promo, mind you, I just love the brand and I'm happy to push underappreciated silhouettes that're no less deserving of love (that being said, Birkenstock, if you're reading, hit the DMs [jk... unless??]).

Seriously, though, if you're craving a pair of soft suede Birkenstock Bostons and can't keep up with the rare restocks, the Buckley may be your saving grace. If nothing else, it's a good interim slip-on.

The timing of this Buckley campaign is a good reminder of how many amazing shoes Birkenstock produces, most of which slip under the radar until someone inadvertently thrusts the stylishly uncool sandals back into the spotlight.

Need some examples? Glad to help! There's the Tokio Super Grip, basically the Boston but with a heel strap; various outdoorsy models designed for daylong treks; the lovable Super Birki, itself an obvious inspiration for plenty of wannabe clog designers.

But, sorry, no one out Birkens the Stock.