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Regardless of what your level of social media involvement—odds are you’ve seen the Birkenstock Boston Clog on your feed at one point or another. Just like the brand’s sandal that went from polarizing to wildly popular in what felt like no time at all, the Bostons have become the new (er, old?) “it” shoe since going viral on TikTok this fall (#birkenstockboston has 81.6 million views and counting!).

Boston believers say it’s the cushiony comfort, versatility, and nostalgic '90s style that make the Boston Clog such a favorite, which explains why Birkenstock and other retailers have been steadily selling out of the shoe and are struggling to keep up with the rapidly rising demand. Normally priced at around $150, Boston Clogs are being listed for as much as $200-$300 on StockX—turning the shoe scarcity into a major pay day for some. But before you embark on the impossible journey to find a pair for yourself, let us be the ones to tell you that you can get this dupe on Amazon for only 40 bucks.

cushionaire clogs
Cushionaire Women's Hana Cork Footbed Clog with Comfort+ — $40.00

With over 1,200 ratings on Amazon, the Cushionaire Hana Cork Footbed Clogs ($40) are nearly identical to the real deal. “These are the PERFECT Birkenstock clog dupe,” wrote one 5-star reviewer. “The shape, the buckle, the fit: they all make the clog feel legit. They are also super comfy!”

And they're not wrong—just like the Birkenstock Boston Clogs, the Cushionaire clogs have a comfortable EVA outsole, suede footbed, and adjustable straps. While the clog’s upper isn’t suede like the Birkenstock version, Cushionaires’ material feels just as soft and is even weather resistant, according to another 5-star reviewer.“[The material] doesn’t scratch or stain,” she writes, “I have worn mine in the rain, and there are no watermarks.” Dare we say that these Boston dupes are even more low maintenance than their name brand counterpart?

Another common thread across the Cushionaire Clog reviews? Comfort. While most Birkenstocks require some breaking in before reaching peak comfort, one shopper says these are ready to enjoy right out of the box—probably due to the soft upper material and cushioned insoles.

And you needn’t feel concerned about quality, either. Amazon shoppers agree that the Cushionaire dupes are more well-made than you’d expect! “They don't feel cheaply made at all and are pretty sturdy,” says one reviewer.

Ultimately, these Boston dupes are so worth it—and at $40 bucks (less than a third of the usual price!), this is a deal that’s too good to pass up.

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